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In 2016, Ryan bought “Carnigup”, a 1,050 hectare property East of Esperance and him and his wife Elisha run a 300 breeder, self replacing herd with views to expand.

Ryan runs his own AI program with Angus bulls bred on-property and graze finish all calves as yearlings.

The Willing’s often have issues with Copper and Selenium in the Esperance region as the sand plain that makes up most of the area does not hold nutrients well. This can effect fertility, weight gain and overall health of their livestock.

Their goal is to increase fertility, conception rates and productivity through the use of Multimin 4 in 1 trace mineral injection.

Ryan’s Treatment Program

Ryan and Elisha have split 300 cows into 2 groups to assess improvements in pre-mating weight gain, conception rate and conception timing. In late May (30 days pre-joining), they treated the below groups.

  • Group 1 (100): Treated with HyB12 + Cydectin LA
  • Group 2 (200): Treated with Multimin + HyB12 + Cydectin LA

250 of these cows are first calvers, while the remainder are multiparous cows.

They will be measuring Multimin results in a few different ways:
1. Cows were weighed in early June (4 weeks from joining) and will be weighed again at mating to measure weight gain.
2. Cows will be preg-tested 5 weeks after joining to measure over all conception rate and conception window.

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Elisha Willing and I have had an amazing and busy month. We spent the last 3 weeks of August in South Africa looking at…

Posted by Ryan Willing on Sunday, 16 September 2018

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Back in to the swing of things yesterday! Starting the day off with the bulls. Mating is over for the year so they needed to be removed form each mob of cows, they have been mating for 3 cycles which is a total of 9 weeks. One bull will service 40 cows on average. For the Multimin Challenge a select amount of our cows received a Multimin injection before joining for mating. We will find out the benifits of Multimin at pregnancy testing for our cows in October. Then on to hefier pregnancy testing, with our local Vet and Multimin Challenge Mentor Enoch. Very happy with this year's results! After some lunch we had a chat to Jon Daly from @abcgoldfieldsesperance about the Multimin Challenge. . . #multiminchallenge #multimin #virbac #virbacaustralia #farmingaustralia #aussiefarmers #cattlefarming #cattlefarmer #steers #beeffarming #livestockaustralia #farmlifebestlife #hefiers #australianagriculture #agriculture #agricultureaustralia @virbacaustralia @c7even_comms

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We've had a fantastic 70mm in the last few days here, should kick the pastures and crops into gear nicely for spring….

Posted by Ryan Willing on Monday, 6 August 2018


Today's #multiminchallenge video is a different perspective on the ways I deal with deficiencies of all elements in the soil, pastures and cattle. The lack of nutrients and the high leachability of the Esperance sand plain means it's an ongoing battle and needs every management tool to treat. Soil testing is great for a base to build on, plant tissue testing helps to measure what is actually in the plant and cattle blood tests help to measure what is in or lacking in the cattle. Even after ticking all those boxes Multimin is still increasing growth rates in young cattle and conception rates of cows. Stay tuned for the results of my trial work with my mentor Enoch Bergman and the work of others at or Virbac Australia Primary Producer

Posted by Ryan Willing on Tuesday, 24 July 2018

#multiminchallenge update! Last week all the bulls went out with the cows for their 9 week mating period. Elisha and I ran the multimin challenge trial cows over the scales the same day to see how there are getting along. The group had an overall weight gain of 0.27 kg/ day since treatment 6 weeks ago with no real difference between the multimin treated and control groups not that we expected to see any difference. The weighing was more to prove they are all on a rising plain (which they are) from calving to mating for maximum chance of cycling and conceiving. Stay tuned for more posts or head to the Virbac Australia Primary Producer page to keep up to date with all the competitors.

Posted by Ryan Willing on Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Giving the bulls their pre mating treatments with Elisha Willing. #multiminchallenge mentored by Enoch BergmanVirbac Australia Primary Producer

Posted by Ryan Willing on Thursday, 3 May 2018

#multiminchallenge update! It's been a very busy fortnight here for myself and Elisha with a late break to the season, seeding has coincided with AI, calf marking and a lot of hay feeding. During calf marking of the 1st calvers I started the Multimin challenge trial worked out between myself and my mentor Enoch Bergman. The trial is comparing these cows treated with Multimin against a control portion of the herd to show the difference in pre mating weight gain, conception rate and conception timing. We can measure this in a few different ways:1. Cows are weighted now (4 weeks from joining) and will be weighed again at mating to measure weight gain.2. Cows will be preg tested 5 weeks after joining to measure over all conception rate and thanks to Enoch's skills time of conception. There are a total of 300 cows in the trial with 1/3 being the control group, selected at random and recorded at the time of weighing. All cows are getting an Arrest backline for lice, Cydectin injection for internal parasites and a HYB12 injection then the trial group is getting a shot of Multimin. Follow the Virbac Australia Primary Producer Facebook page to keep up to date with all of the Multimin challengers across Australia.

Posted by Ryan Willing on Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Posted by Ryan Willing on Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Giving steers a top up shot of multimin as part of the #multiminchallenge mentored throughout the challenge by Enoch BergmanVirbac Australia Primary Producer

Posted by Ryan Willing on Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Posted by Elisha Willing on Saturday, 31 March 2018


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