Renee Murfett

About Springlea and Merton Park

Renee operates two dairy farms in Framlingham, Victoria with her husband Alister.

Originally from Tasmania, Renee and Alister purchased their home farm, “Springlea” 10 years ago to take up the challenge of dairying. “Springlea” comprises of 145 hectares with 220 Frisian x Red Dairy milking cows. Their second farm “Merton Park” is 183 hectares with 250 Frisian x Red Dairy cows.

In 2016, Renee and Alister won the Sungold Field Days Rural Achiever of the Year award.

Renee’s goal is to increase the immunity, health and productivity of their livestock.

Renee’s Treatment Program

210 animals (105 treated and 105 untreated) will be used to assess improvements in immunity by reduction in disease and growth.

The female calves kept for replacement heifers will be approximately 210 over the two farms.

  • Group A (n=105) will remain untreated with Multimin and act as the controls.
  • Group B (n=105) will be treated at birth with Multimin at 1mL/ 50kg and again at weaning at approximately 12 weeks of age.

Parameters to be measured in the calves and recorded against their individual tag number will include

  1. Blood Selenium (GSHPx, Cu and Zn)
  2. Incidence of scours
  3. Incidence of respiratory disease
  4. Other diseases, presence of illness or death (morbidity and mortality)
  5. Growth rate
  6. General condition

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